Liz Magic Laser, “I Feel Your Pain”

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 at 9:33 pm

For Performa 11, Liz Magic Laser presented a new mixed-media performance,I Feel Your Pain, that restages America’s recent political contests as romantic drama. Drawing on a variety of agitprop theater tactics, particularly the Russian Constructivist idea of a “living newspaper,” the performance examines how emotion is used to establish authenticity on America’s political stage. Staged in a movie theater, I Feel Your Pain takes place simultaneously in the midst of the audience and on the cinema’s screen. Eight actors perform a sequence of scenes tracing the progression of a relationship using dialogues adapted from political interviews and press conferences. As the actors perform, selected footage from three cinematographers is projected onto the screen in a continuous live-feed while Laser acts as real time editor to produce a live film. Borrowing elements from historic “living newspaper” productions, the performance features live voice-overs, pantomime fight scenes, and mute commentaries by a clown.

Role: Cinematographer


Produced by: Polemic Media